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10 reasons to choose FCV

10 reasons to choose FCV (750

We are a local agency founded and owned in North Wales.



We value our local authority partners because we understand the challenges they face.


We offer a range of high quality placements which will provide excellent value for money in financially constrained times.

We have the right infrastructure to support our development and ensure that our carers have a strong voice in determining the way we move forward - your priorities will be our priorities.



We listen carefully to the views of children in our care.

We have a strong value base which will underpin all our work and inform all the relationships we make.


We have the flexibility to offer bespoke packages of care which will ensure that the service we offer is always relevant to our local authority partners.


We understand, respect and value the vital work that foster carers undertake and reflect this both in the support package and the financial rewards we offer our carers.

We are a friendly, responsive and accessible team who are passionate about the work our agency undertakes.

We are a learning organisation that places a great emphasis and value on training for both carers and staff.




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We provide a full training and support package to all our carers.

Looking to transfer? We welcome applications from existing carers.

All of our carers are paid a generous and professional finance package.