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Allowance & fees

Foster carers are at the heart of our service and we appreciate the value that they add to the agency. The allowance and fees we offer recognise the demands of foster care and are designed provide you with the financial support you need to care for a child or young person.


In most fostering households at least one carer will need to be available full time, so to support and encourage this we think it’s important that you receive a financial reward in the same way as you would in any other work.


Financial package

The exact amount you will receive in fostering fees and allowances does vary between placements. Factors such as the age of the child, their needs and requirements and the type of placements will all affect the package on offer.


While the amount will differ between carers and placements, Foster Care Values ensures that we offer a very competitive financial package, investing as much as we can into each fostering household.

Tax relief

The allowance carers are paid is designed to cover the costs of living with and caring for a foster child. Some examples of these costs include:


•         Food

•         Household bills

•         Travel

•         Clothing


At FCV we expect that by the third month of the placement, an agreed amount of money will be used from the allowance to set up a savings account for the child or young person.


We understand that you know the needs of the child and expect you to spend the allowance appropriately.  


In some cases, children with additional needs or specific interests may require additional expenditure. This can be discussed with the Supervising Social Worker.

Allowance & benefits (750)1

To find out more about fostering allowances and fees, please contact us.

The allowance is the money paid to the foster carer in recognition of the costs of looking after a foster child.

The fee, or salary element, is the money paid in recognition of the skills, knowledge and experience that the foster carer brings to fostering. The fee for foster carer’s is similar to a wage or salary – it is your reward for providing a home for the child in your care. You can spend your fee on absolutely anything.  

The finance package, paid every four weeks, is split into two parts:

• Fostering allowance

• Foster carer’s fee


As a foster carer for Foster Care Values you’ll be eligible for tax relief in recognition of the Government’s commitment to financially encouraging people from all walks of life to become foster carers.


To find out more information about working out how much tax you will pay on your income, visit the HMRC introduction to foster care relief.  


There is also an eLearning package, which has been specifically made for foster carers, click here to find out more.

At Foster Care Values, we believe that fostering should be a rewarding, professional career, which is why we offer all of our carers a generous and competitive financial package.

If you would like to discuss allowances, fees or tax relief, please give us a call on 01745 354992 or email enquiries@fostercarevalues.com.

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