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Becoming a carer

Becoming a foster carer with FCV - from application to placement and beyond is a comprehensive process.


We ensure that all applicants are supported throughout the assessment process before they can become fully approved foster carers.

New to fostering

New to fostering (750) becoming-a-foster-carer

We’ve made this infographic, which demonstrates the journey you will go on if you wish to apply to be a foster carer. You can find out more information about each stage below.

STAGE 1: Making an enquiry about Foster Care Values

Once we have received an enquiry, a member of our team will be in touch. We’ll be able to talk about the criteria for becoming a foster carer and address any concerns you may have. If both parties agree we can arrange an initial visit.


If you would like to enquire, please contact us today.

STAGE 2: Initial visit

A member of FCV’s team will visit you at your home to discuss your application in further detail.  Part of this initial visit will include assessing your home including the spare bedroom that you have available for fostering.


STAGE 3: Application

If it is mutually agreed to move beyond stage two then you will be invited to submit an application. You may also be asked to complete a medical consent form and a Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) Check.

STAGE 4: Skills to foster training

If both you and the FCV staff team are happy for your application to proceed, you will be invited on Skills to Foster training sessions.  The training is to prepare you for the realities of fostering.

STAGE 5: Assessment

If you and the FCV team are happy for your application to proceed, you will be allocated an assessing social worker who will carry out your assessment.  This is a rigorous process and will involve exploring many aspects of your life from birth through to the present day.  The assessment process will usually take 12 – 16 weeks and will involve a number of discussions in your home on a regular basis.

STAGE 6: Panel

The fostering panel is usually held once a month and consists of a group of independent panel members and agency social workers.  All prospective foster carers are presented to panel with a completed assessment (referred to as a Form F).  Panel make a recommendation whether to approve you as a foster carer to the Agency Decision Maker who then makes the overall decision whether or not to approve you as foster carers.

STAGE 7: Letter of approval


STAGE 8: Placement

The amount of time between approval and placement depends on whether we have any children or young people that would be suited to your home. It could be very soon, but it could take a while to find the right placement.

Once the panel has sent the recommendation and a final decision has been made by the Agency Decision Maker, you will receive a letter to inform you of the outcome.

If you are interested in becoming a foster carer, contact a member of the team on:


01745 354992 or enquiries@fostercarevalues.com

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Speak to a member of our team about becoming a foster carer

"After 8 years with our previous fostering agency, it was a big decision to transfer to FCV, but it was the right decision.


The team and other carers have made us feel like we belong, and are valued. It has given us back the energy and enthusiasm we had when we first became foster carers."


Steph & Chris, Foster Carers

We are a friendly and professional team based in North Wales.

Our FAQ page has the answers to lots of common questions from new and existing carers.

We value the work that our carers do and are on hand to offer support wherever possible.

It's hard to narrow it down to just one reason, so we've come up with 10 great reasons.

If you would like to become an FCV foster carer, contact us or fill in an application form.