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"To provide the highest standard of family based care for vulnerable children and young people, which will secure their immediate safety and welfare and provide an environment, which will allow them the opportunity to develop as individuals to reach their full potential and prepare them for successful adult lives."

A mission statement may be easy to write, but achieving it is a different matter. This is why we have a number of clear commitments to help us meet our overall objective.


Becoming a carer

We need people to provide a safe environment for children to grow and develop in.

Who we are Why choose us?

We will always encourage and support our carers to be suitably ambitious for the children in their care in order that young people are able to reach the end of their time with FCV with a clear view of the future and an understanding of their options as they move towards their independence.

We aim to offer regular supervision and training for carers and regular support forums. However, we know that support comes in many guises – sometimes you just need to see a familiar face or hear friendly voice.

We aim to support our carers in ensuring that the children and young people placed in their care have the opportunity to access all the community resources they need in relation to their health, education and social agenda.

We will always ensure that our carers are supported in relation to the involvement they have with placing authorities be this in relation to attending meetings or arranging and supervising contact with children’s birth families.

At FCV we recognise the complexity of the fostering task and so are committed to supporting our carers in their role by ensuring that we have the right, experienced, professional staff available on a 24/7 basis.

Mission statement

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We will always endeavour to ensure that you have the most up to date and comprehensive information on the young people we ask you to care for that has been made available to ourselves and that you have this information as soon as we have it.

We will ensure that we recruit and train the right group of carers to offer a wide range of placement opportunities that can take into account the whole spectrum of needs presented by children and young people including acknowledgement of their racial, cultural, religious and linguistic heritage.


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