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Types of placements

Long term placements

There are occasions when a child or young person is unable to return home, but adoption isn’t the correct solution either. In this case, Foster Care Values finds suitable long term or permanent placements for the child.


It is important that we find a placement that is able to offer stability and meets the needs of the child as they may live with the same carer until they reach the age of 18. It’s not uncommon for individuals to remain as part of the carer’s family, even after moving into adult independence.  

Short term placements

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A short term placement provides children and young people with a temporary home while they are unable to live at home. It will provide a safe place for them to stay until they can return home, move into a long term placement, find an adoptive family or transition into adult independence.


The length of a short term placement varies significantly depending on the individual child or young person, but it can be anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few years.

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Emergency placements

There are times when children and young people are facing a difficult situation and need somewhere to stay at a minute’s notice. Emergency placements vary in length, with some lasting for just a few nights before moving onto a permanent placement or returning home, but others can develop into long term placements.


Although these placements are arranged at short notice, Foster Care Values puts just as much effort into matching these placements as any other.

Parent & child placements

Having a child before you feel ready can be incredibly daunting. We provide parent and child placements that offer the support and guidance a new mother or father needs. This helps improve quality of life for the whole family.


These placements often require an additional skill set, so we only match up parents and children with carers that have been specially trained to do so.


Respite placements

We value all carers and understand how challenging as well as rewarding it can be to look after children. We recognise that parents and carers will on occasion need to “recharge their batteries”. To support these carers, and to offer children a positive enjoyable social experience we can provide respite placements to both our carers and those carers referred to us by the Local Authority.  


Respite placements allow the children or young people to be carefully matched with another foster family for a short period of no more than two weeks. Our respite carers are subject to the same assessment as all FCV carers.

Bespoke placements

Provision for disabled children

Foster Care Values provides bespoke placements, which are commissioned on an individual basis.


All children and young people have different needs so as a local authority you may sometimes require specialist support. We are able to tailor placements to meet those needs, but as it is a bespoke care package, we would encourage you to contact the office to discuss in more details.

FCV appreciates how rewarding and challenging for parents and carers it can be to care for a child or young person who experiences disabilities and we understand from time to time people may need a short break from caring.


FCV can provide these breaks to carers and parents but also importantly give a young person the opportunity to experience a wider social horizon. The carers who provide this service are subject to the same assessment as all FCV carers.

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If you're a local authority wanting to find out more about how Foster Care Values can help you, please contact our General Manager.

01745 354992 or  placement@fostercarevalues.com

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Speak to our general manager to find out more about how we can help you.

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