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Quality assurance

Foster Care Values is committed to delivering a high quality service to the children and young people in our care.


We recognise that working methods and outcomes will continue to improve as Foster Care Values continues to work efficiently and effectively, with all our staff working to and with the same quality controlled systems and processes.


It is important that quality and diversity touch every aspect of our work.  Processes for the participation of children and young people must be inclusive and not, in any way, exclude any individual or group.


This determination to provide high quality care ensures that we will not only aim to comply with the minimum standards and our commissioner’s expectations, but exceed them.

Aims & objectives

•  Delivering a service that is predicated on the imperative that the child’s welfare is paramount in all the decisions we make.


•  Supplying foster care placements that ensure children and young people, who are placed with us by local authorities, enjoy a stable and consistent experience of safe, warm and caring family life.


•  Providing a responsive, supportive and professional 24 hour service for foster carers, children, young people and local authorities.


•  Ensuring foster care placements are underpinned by a child centred approach and which promote an environment that encourages every child to maximise their potential.


•  Providing a comprehensive support service to our carers in the knowledge that to do so has a direct influence on achieving successful placement outcomes.


•  Recruiting and retaining foster carers from as diverse a background as possible.


•  Working within an inclusive partnership model to include children and young people, their families, foster carers, local authorities and other stakeholders.


•  Realising a commitment to the ongoing learning, training and professional development of both foster carers and staff.


•  Providing a comprehensive annual training programme for foster carers which delivers both a sound skills and knowledge base and also enhances their development as professionals within this field.


•  Delivering best value for our customers in financially constrained times and to pursue an agenda of continuous improvement in all areas.


The aims and objectives of our service, which are identified in our Statement of Purpose include, but are not limited to:

External agencies

FCV has a quality driven system that means we will always respond to formal complaints and, where issues can’t be resolved at local level, will undertake investigation – in line with our complaints tier system.  


Our Statement of Purpose outlines our complaints procedure which is in line with national minimum standards and regulations. Current copies can be requested from the FCV office and are available to carers and staff through our user portal.

FCV liaises with a range of key external stakeholders over matters of fostering service standards and policies, including CSSIW, BAAF, Fostering Network and other provider forums and quality groups.

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To talk to our general manager or another member of the team, please get in touch with our office.


As a company we will always endeavour to value diversity and recognise the benefits it brings.

We are committed to improving the lives of children and young people in North Wales.

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