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Call us on 01745 354992

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Who we are

We are an independent fostering agency with strong values - values that we're proud of.


FCV was founded by Mick Sams and Ian Jones to reflect their belief that we should value the work that foster carers do.


We're a friendly team local to North Wales, so don’t be afraid to contact us to discuss any questions you might have in relation to what FCV can offer you.

North Wales is made up of six local authorities, who are our main customers, and by working together, we believe we can make a real difference to the lives of children within the area.


As a new agency we will be able to draw on all our experience and knowledge of what works in fostering within the local communities where we all live.


With a combined total of over 70 years social work experience in the local area, we have been able to develop many professional contacts. This will help us ensure that our carers and local authority partners are supported to achieve the best possible outcomes for children.

To us, Foster Care Values is more than just a name for our agency.


It reflects our unshakable belief that the activity of looking after children on behalf of local authority partners should be a value driven enterprise.


Essentially, this means we place the needs of children and their carers at the heart of all we do.


We may be new a company, but we believe our values,  experience and drive will help us build a reputation as an organisation that puts people at the top of its agenda.

More than a name...

As FCV moves forward, we are looking to recruit a group of carers who can be trained and supported to offer the highest standards of care to children in our local area.


If you feel that you would like to join us on our journey and you feel you have the necessary qualities to ‘live our values every day’ then contact us and we can begin discussing the contribution you can make today.

The future...

Foster Care Values... 

A local agency…