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Looking to transfer?

Support & Training

How do I transfer to a different agency?

If the agency you became a foster carer with is no longer the right agency for you, you can transfer. You have the right to change agency at any point during your fostering career. If this is something you are thinking about, we would be delighted to discuss your options. 


The thought of going through the assessment process again can be daunting, but you can be reassured that our team is very experienced and will be there to support you throughout the whole process.

What if I don’t have any children placed with me?

If you don't have a child or young person placed with you when you decide to transfer, you will need to:

  • Notify you current agency – by giving 28 days' written notice of your intention to transfer.

  • Complete an application to foster with us.


We will then make contact with your existing agency for a reference and start your transfer. You will then be allocated a social worker who will complete your new Form F, and be invited to skills to foster training.  As an experienced carer(s) your input and attendance at this training will be valued by the trainer and those new to fostering.

It is important to us that the needs of the children and young people come first, so we will work closely with you, your current agency, and the child’s local authority social worker to ensure that there is minimal disruption to their lives.  


If you make the decision to transfer to FCV you will have to:

  • Notify you current agency – by giving written notice of your intention to transfer.

  • Inform the child/young person’s local authority social worker


All Fostering Agencies subscribe to the Fostering Network's Transfer Protocol which states:

"The transfer of carers protocol is based on the assumption that carers have the right to freedom of movement between fostering services and the principle that, in all circumstances, the welfare of any child must be paramount"

FCV will work with your existing agency with the aim of making the process as efficient and seamless as possible whilst ensuring that the assessment produced is of the highest quality and best reflects your experience as carers.

What about the children I currently have placed with me?
Will I receive the same fostering allowances and benefits?

We have very competitive allowances, and in some cases you will be financially better off moving on to our allowances and benefits.


However, if you are currently receiving a higher level of allowances or enhanced payments from your current agency, we will honour those payment levels.


We guarantee you will not be financially worse off by transferring to Foster Care Values.

Why choose Foster Care Values?

Choosing the right fostering agency for you and your family will make a real difference to your fostering career.


Here are just 10 reasons we think you should work with us.


We are a local agency founded and owned in North Wales.


We value our local authority partners because we understand the challenges they face.


We offer a range of high quality placements, which provide excellent value for money in financially constrained times.


We listen carefully to the views of children and young people in our care.


We have the right infrastructure to support our development and ensure that our carers have a strong voice.


We have a strong value base which will underpin all our work and inform all the relationships we make.


We offer bespoke packages of care, which ensure he service we offer is always relevant to our local authority partners.


We are a learning organisation that places a great emphasis and value on training for both carers and staff.


We are a friendly, responsive, and accessible team who are passionate about the work our agency undertakes.


We provide our carer with a support and finance package that reflects how much we value the work they do.

Steph & Chris

After 8 years with our previous fostering agency, it was a big decision to transfer to FCV, but it was the right decision.


The team and other carers have made us feel like we belong, and are valued. It has given us back the energy and enthusiasm we had when we first became foster carers.

Ian & Jan

To move Agency was a huge decision for us, but it was the right decision.


The staff team and other carers at FCV have made us feel that we really belong.

Find out more about transferring to Foster Care Values

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