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Could you change a child's life?

Take the first step in your fostering journey

Is your your house is too quiet now that the kids have grown up and flown the nest?


Are you recently retired and searching for a rewarding way to spend your time?


Are you in childcare and seeking a more impactful career path?

Or perhaps, you're looking for a meaningful way to give back to your community?


Fostering could be for you. 

What our carers say...

Why apply to foster with FCV?


It is our mission to provide the highest standard of family based care for vulnerable children and young people.

We always put the needs of the children and our carers first.


We aim to give every child in our carer the opportunity to reach their full potential.


We named our agency Foster Care Values because we live and work by our core values.


Those values are: mindfulness, ambition, respect, integrity, equality, compassion, pride, diversity, cooperation, and honesty.

We have built a team of brilliant people who share these values.


We're not a faceless national corporation.

We're a small tight-knit team of local people.

Our office is based in Kinmel Bay and we work closely with the six local authorities in North Wales. 

We support a number of local charities and organisations, and reinvest in the local economy.


As one of our carers, you and your family are part of the FCV family.

We strive to ensure that every member of our family feels valued and supported.

We have an open door policy, so you can talk to us any time. 

In fact, should the need arise, you will be able to speak to a member of our team at any time day or night.

Contact us

Are you ready to embark on a new, but incredibly rewarding, challenge?



Just complete this short form and a member of the team will be in touch within the next 2 workings days.

We'll have a chat about your current circumstances, address any concerns you might have, and decide whether fostering sounds like it might be right for you.

Together, we can create brighter futures for children in our community.

Do you have a spare room?

Thank you for getting in touch! A member of the team will contact you to discuss your enquiry.

Register your interest

Frequently asked questions

What are the positives of fostering?

Fostering provides an opportunity to make a profound impact on a child's life by offering stability, care, and support. But it's also an opportunity for you to learn as you'll enhance skills in empathy, resilience, and communication. In our experience, foster carers find a deep sense of fulfillment and purpose in providing a nurturing home to a child who needs it.​

What are the challenges of fostering?

Fostering can present challenges such as managing a child's emotional, behavioural, or developmental issues. Adapting to different needs, coping with uncertainties in the child's life, and dealing with birth family interactions can be difficult. However, foster carers receive training and support to help manage these difficulties, and the reward of positively impacting a child's life often outweighs these challenges.

How much do foster carers get paid?

We believe that fostering should be a rewarding, professional career, which is why we offer all of our carers a generous and competitive financial package. As well as the fostering fee (which is the salary element of the package), you'll also receive an allowance, which is designed to cover the costs of living with and caring for a foster child, such as food, household bills, travel, and clothing. ​

Can I foster if...

I don't own my own home? Yes

I'm not in a relationship? Yes

I'm gay or lesbian? Yes

I already have a job? Yes

I have physical or mental health challenges? Yes

I have my own children? Yes

The only two eligibility criteria are that you're over the age of 21 and have a spare room - if you fulfill that, it's worth having a chat.

What are the different types of foster care?

Not all foster carers have children placed with them full-time, there are different placement types for different scenarios. For example, you may wish to be a respite carer, providing a safe and stable environment for when the child's full-time carer needs a break. Or perhaps you would like to consider short-term placements while we seek to find a longer-term arrangement for the child.

How long does it take to get approved as a foster carer?

It can take 4-6 months from your initial enquiry to become an approved foster carer. This is because we spend a lot of time getting to know you and your family, to make sure fostering is going to be right for you. You'll be in close contact with your social worker and the rest of the FCV team throughout the process. 

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