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5 benefits of becoming a foster carer

Being a foster carer can be an extremely rewarding job, but there’s no denying that it's also going to be hard work.

Believe us, all carers face a whole host of challenges throughout their fostering career, but for the most part, the benefits far outweigh these difficult times.

1. You'll make a difference

The main advantage has to be the fact that you will be helping to shape a child’s life.

There are so many children in care, desperate for foster homes; they require a safe, loving environment until they can find a more permanent home.

You could really make a difference to a child’s life and one could argue that there’s nothing more rewarding than that.

2. You’ll become a better person

Many people have found that fostering has helped them become much better people. You’ll learn a lot more about yourself and develop new skills - it’s amazing how much you can pick up from children.

3. It's financially rewarding

While money definitely should never be the main reason you into fostering, the financial benefits are definitely worth mentioning.

Most agencies - including us - provide a professional and competitive financial package.

HM Revenue also created foster care relief in 2008. It outlines exactly who can benefit and what you will be entitled to.

As a general rule, the financial benefits are mainly given so that you can give the looked after the child in your home the care they deserve and also the financial backup to be available for them.

4. Your own kids will develop more empathy and understanding

If you already have children, you can help to teach them great life lessons by fostering a child. This is definitely one of the biggest benefits, but is one that people rarely consider.

The children you foster will often come from very difficult backgrounds. Your own children will come to realise that having a loving family is something that some children don’t always experience. They will also learn how to interact and empathise with those who have come from a different background.

5. It can bring a lot of joy into your life

No matter how long you end up fostering each child, it is so important and satisfying to know that you have in some way helped a child through your care and kindness in their learning journey towards adulthood.

Of course, this makes it difficult to let them go sometimes, but it also brings you a lot of joy. Their presence can help both you and your family feel they are making a difference and it can be a really wonderful experience.

If you're thinking about becoming a foster carer, give us a call for an informal chat about your options and discuss any concerns you might have.

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